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​By Philip Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth was a dream born out of the optimism following the Second World War. The force behind its creation was the need for South Australia to diversify its rural economy coupled with the drive by the Commonwealth of Australia, under its ‘populate or perish’ policy, to bring migrants to the country. The author’s family was one of thousands that took up the offer to migrate to Australia. These families left their homelands carrying only a few precious belongings and a great hope for the future. For some the move was a disappointment but for most it was a new start and they established and built fulfilling lives in their new home. The 1950s and 60s were the golden years for Elizabeth. It was a new and modern city in a healthy climate with space to grow and plenty of work for all. There were struggles and hard times but to be a ten pound Pom living in Tom Playford’s ‘satellite’ city of Elizabeth at that time was something special. This is the sentiment that informs this memoir. Hopefully others will be able to relate to it.
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