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Papua New Guinea

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​James Thomas
This simple story follows the life of a young Papua New Guinean, Wak, born into a dysfunctional family. Wak's father is obsessed with education and work and has little time for his family. When his parents separate Wak tries hard at school but ultimately fails and is led astray. His eventual success comes despite his parent's breakup and his low education.
Philip Fitzpatrick
On the verge of retirement Inspector Hari Metau has been promoted and put in charge of Port Moresby’s dysfunctional and scandal plagued reserve police force in the hope that he can rescue it before the Police Commissioner disbands it. He reluctantly takes the job on hoping that his promotion will ensure his pension when he retires will be boosted by his new rank. While he is wondering what to do with his new charges he witnesses a deliberate hit and run incident in front of his favourite coffee shop on the foreshore at Ela Beach. The victims are two newly elected members of the Papua New Guinean parliament. While trying to find the culprits, tragedy strikes when Hari’s protégée and daughter Bella’s fiancé, Sergeant Bokasi is shot and left fighting for his life. Determined to get to the bottom of the attack on the novice parliamentarians and his fellow policeman Hari enters the murky world of Papua New Guinean politics.
Emmanuel Peni
Sibona is sent to live with her aunt in Papua New Guinea's capital Port Moresby. The street she lives in is one of the less salubrious in the city and she has to learn to live with her unruly neighbours and the gruelling expectations of her adopted family. Sibona struggles to come to terms with her new life and the treatment of women in Papua New Guinea.
Philip Fitzpatrick
Set in World War 2 in the islands of Papua New Guinea the novel tells the story of Mick O'Shea, a young plantation manager, who witnesses the brutal murder of his employer and family by the invading Japanese. Determined to join the war effort against the Japanese he escapes by boat. He is wounded in the process and lands on a small island where he is enchanted by a mysterious family of islanders. Reluctantly leaving, he joins the war effort but slowly becomes disillusioned by the brutality of the conflict and decides to head back to the island. But the island has disappeared, thus begins his search to find it and the peace it will offer.
Philip Fitzpatrick
With only a few years to go before he retires Inspector Hari Metau is avoiding headquarters and heading to his favourite coffee shop in his battered old Land Rover when he comes across the body of a local ward councillor in the shallows of Port Moresby’s Ela Beach.  When Hari gets too close to the truth he is arbitrarily sacked from his job. Undaunted and aided by his young partner, Constable Bokasi, he presses on to a surprising end.
Philip Fitzpatrick
Following the trauma of being suspended, vindicated and then re-instated, Inspector Hari Metau is hoping his life will get back to normal and he can attend his daughter Bella’s graduation ceremony at the University of Papua New Guinea. All is going well until Bella’s literature professor goes missing. A burnt and disfigured body is discovered at the Baruni Dump wearing the professor’s engraved wristwatch. One thing leads to another, including the uncovering an illegal drug trade involving police officers and politicians. Hari, with his offsiders, Constable Bokasi, Inspector Pung and Police Dog Errol Flynn, set out to discover the connection between the drug ring and the missing professor.
James Smith
From pig shooter in outback Queensland to specialist SAS marksman. Brought to the brink and then pulled back to make one final impossible shot to save a nation. Arraigned against him is the most powerful man in the Australian military with a vested interest in his failure. What will happen if he fails?