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Leonard Fong Roka
Leonard Fong Roka comes from Panguna on Bougainville. This compilation of essays was made between 2013 and 2014 and first appeared on the website, Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude. The essays outline the history of   Bougainville, including the civil war in the 1980-90s, and suggests a way forward towards eventual independence from Papua New Guinea.
Francis Nii
Francis Nii, a graduate in economics from the University of Papua New Guinea, is a paraplegic and belongs to Salt Nomane Karimui in the Simbu Province of PNG. Formerly a banker, Francis is a novelist and an award winning essayist. This volume is a collection of some of Francis’ essays on social, economic and political issues affecting Papua New Guinea today. They are an interesting read and at the same time thought provoking educational materials for secondary schools and colleges.
Philip Kai Morre
Drug and alcohol abuse and related problems have become major social issues affecting mankind around the world today and Papua New Guinea is no exception. Marijuana or cannabis, which is grown locally, and alcohol, including homebrew, are the major contributors of health, law and order and other socio-economic problems in PNG at the moment. In this book, Philip Kai Morre, a drug educator and addiction counsellor for many years, tries to educate people about the types of drugs available, both licit and illicit, the risks involved in taking those drugs.
Philip Fitzpatrick
Keith Jackson & Friends PNG Attitude began in 2006 and became one of the most influential blogs for Australians who had served in Papua New Guinea or were interested in learning about it. An equal number of Papua New Guineans follow the blog and it is an important tool in maintaining the Australia/PNG relationship. In 2010 the Crocodile Prize, a national literary competition was launched on the blog and is credited with creating a revival of what had become a moribund literary tradition. This is a history of the first ten years of the blog and the competition.
​Daniel Kumbon
In this collection of three powerful stories, Daniel Kumbon, in his typically straightforward way, addresses the role of women in Papua New Guinea, a role that has come under immense pressure as a result of profound social change. The immediate cause of this had little to do with women themselves but followed the disintegration of the acculturation of young men to a robust and ethical regime of tribal and clan behaviour. As men’s traditional positions of warrior and hunter declined in the face of modernity, so did much of their self-esteem and optimism. Papua New Guinea’s women continue to bear much of the brunt of this dysfunctional change.