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Papua New Guinea

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Winterford Toreas
Set in Bougainville in Papua New Guinea during the civil war of 1989-97 this novel for students tells the story of Haroman, who is orphaned during the fighting and taken away from his home village. As he grows up with his adoptive parents he wonders why he is different to his siblings and school friends. The novel highlights the traumas felt by children during the crisis.
Samantha Kusari
Set in the Eastern Highlands Wane’s story spans the years immediately before and after Papua New Guinea achieved independence in 1975. It is a coming of age story and one that is common to many Papua New Guineans. In its telling the reader learns many things about life in those times. And in the background the capricious Kambara River flows.
Marlene Dee Gray Potoura is from the beautiful Orian valley, in the south of Bougainville Island.  She says, “I had a little brother, Sahoau who was always doing 'stuff' (building huts, gardening, hunting, fishing etc., etc.) when he was growing up. He was always exploring and going about our bushlands with his side kick, our cousin Caleb. Warrollu in my Oria language is a name given to children who do all sorts of childhood play, resulting in humorous outcomes, but preparing them for adulthood’s serious chores. I love writing for children and the adventures of my little brother Sahoau (Warrollu) seemed like a natural choice.”